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Where do I begin.

So I had the misfortune of finding out that a photo taken of me on vacation by my boyfriend, was stolen and used without my permission here on the lovely r/fatpeoplehate on reddit. It not only disappoints me that people think that this behavior is okay, but that this subreddit even exists and hasn’t been removed at this point. There are TONS of photos of (mostly) women posted there; selfies stolen their personal blogs/facebooks/instagrams what have you (WITHOUT THEIR PERMISSION), and posted on this horrible subreddit for people to harass them and leave hundreds of negative comments bravely behind their computer screens where no one can see them. I have always struggled with my weight and found it hard to get dressed and leave my bed some days, and have only recently started to accept the person I am after years of depression and health issues. I feel extremely violated and hurt that someone thought it was okay to take something that isn’t theirs, and use it for their own amusement and kicks.

We have since contacted reddit requesting them to remove this subreddit, but I find that doubtful considering how many removal requests they have probably received in the past for this forum, and it still remains active.

All I ask from you guys, is that you can please signal boost this post and hopefully get this horrible subreddit taken down for good for the sake of the poor unsuspecting people whose privacy has been violated and self worth diminished by these garbage people who have nothing better to do.



Fuck these people. Help me friend and many others who were violated and repost!

make me chooseanonymous askedAriel or Tiana

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theangelofusui cupcakesprinkled we need these!

Ahahha omg we do!

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Anyone remember Jessi Slaughter (ya dun goofed vid girl)?


This is her now


the internet ladies and gentlemen

honey it is 2014 where the fuck did you get those tripp pants? omg 

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Nash Grier being a racist piece of shit with his “How Asians Name Their Children” vine. Ripped and uploaded here because this trash doesn’t need to be getting monetized hits or revenue.

oh no he fucking did not. 

heyalicek this is why I said that really mean thing earlier today

destroy him

Am I the only one who thinks he looks like Sid from Toy Story?

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who the fuck is nash grier and what have he done that everybody hates him?

He’s this racist, misogynistic kid with freaky eyes who posts vines that aren’t even funny. Also, 11 year old girls write fanfictions of their 17 year old selves losing their virginity to him on wattpadd.

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im going out for pig intestines for dinner tonight

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this is how i react with the sailor moon crystal negativity. just turn away from it.

the way i see it is, the group of people who have grown up watching the 90’s show are stuck in their own little world and can’t think outside the box. yes, i loved usagi’s expressions (which seems to be the thing everyone gets upset about recently), but i am also feeling optimistic about the new series…i am glad that sailor moon did not end. people cannot be thankful for what naoko or toei animation has done for the fans. i try to reason with fans who disagree with the style, or the cg transformations, but this is the evolution of animation. 

i had to get this off my chest. look, the manga came out before the series did. perhaps if you get the chance to read the manga, maybe then you could comprehend… if you want to, there is always a chance and plenty of opportunities to read the manga (it’s never too late)… there are websites that have scanned the volumes for your reading and viewing pleasure, but i highly recommend that you purchase the manga to help support naoko takeuchi. she is the reason the story, the characters, the manga, anime, and merchandise exist. be grateful that the sailor moon legacy lives on. 

and get off your high horse.

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"Human beings don't have a right to water." ›






Across the globe, Nestlé is pushing to privatize and control public water resources.

Nestlé’s Chairman of the Board, Peter Brabeck, has explained his philosophy with “The one opinion, which I think is extreme, is represented by the NGOs, who bang on about declaring water a public right. That means as a human being you should have a right to water. That’s an extreme solution.”

Since that quote has gotten widespread attention, Brabeck has backtracked, but his company has not. Around the world, Nestlé is bullying communities into giving up control of their water. It’s time we took a stand for public water sources.

Tell Nestlé that we have a right to water. Stop locking up our resources!

At the World Water Forum in 2000, Nestlé successfully lobbied to stop water from being declared a universal right — declaring open hunting season on our local water resources by the multinational corporations looking to control them. For Nestlé, this means billions of dollars in profits. For us, it means paying up to 2,000 percent more for drinking water because it comes from a plastic bottle.

Now, in countries around the world, Nestlé is promoting bottled water as a status symbol. As it pumps out fresh water at high volume, water tables lower and local wells become degraded. Safe water becomes a privilege only affordable for the wealthy.

In our story, clean water is a resource that should be available to all. It should be something we look after for the public good, to keep safe for generations, not something we pump out by billions of gallons to fuel short-term private profits. Nestlé thinks our opinion is “extreme”, but we have to make a stand for public resources. Please join us today in telling Nestlé that it’s not “extreme” to treat water like a public right.

Tell Nestlé to start treating water like a public right, not a source for private profits!


Sources and further reading:
Nestlé: The Global Search for Liquid Gold, Urban Times, June 11th, 2013
Bottled Water Costs 2000 Times As Much As Tap Water, Business Insider, July 12th, 2013
Peter Brabeck discussion his philosophy about water rights

Life tip: If you share a business plan with Bond villains and the bad guy from Tank Girl, you just might be evil.

Worth noting: Nestle owns Poland Spring, which is notorious for bullying the living crap out of Maine communities that don’t want to sign 50-year exclusive rights leases on their aquifers.

Here’s a list of a lot of other companies and products Nestle owns, while we’re at it.


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